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Solo Creek Farm organizes numerous horse shows throughout the year through the NSPE. We also attend as many shows as we can! 

Upcoming shows:
August 19-24th: Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition
-Maddy will show Cute in 2' hunters, the pony classic and equitation
-Bria will show Cute in crossrails and pony pleasures
-Morgan will show Nikki in crossrails and junior pleasures
-Kathleen will show Puck in crossrails and equitation
-Katelyn will show Puck in pleasures
-Willow will hopefully be shown in the 2' hunters
We are also going to try to attend a few EC shows this fall including Hants County Ex, Restless Pines, Geary Hill and Old Roome.
Cute will be shown in short stirrup by Maddy at these shows and small pony hunters by Jac.
Hopefully Willow will start in the baby greens!

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