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Equine Assisted Therapy

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Equine Assisted Therapy


Solo Creek Farm has developed the Healing Hooves Program; a form of Equine Assisted Treatment and Learning.

-Jessica McNutt holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts focusing in Sociology and holds an Animal Assisted Therapy Certificate. Jessica has in depth knowledge and experience with horses including teaching riding lessons, training horses and showing horses herself.

-This program is aimed at all children, youth and adults struggling with stressful situations in their lives including low self esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, behavioral issues, addiction issues or relational difficulties.

What is Equine Assisted Treatment and Learning?

Equine Assisted Treatment and Learning is a therapeutic program using horses to helpindividuals with mental health related difficulties build life long skills, gain self understanding and personal growth. This form of treatment provides a fun and safe way to make changes in life and benefit overall wellbeing. This program recognizes the bond between humans and animals and the potential for emotional healing and overall personal growth.

Who benefits from Equine Assisted Treatment?

Equine Assisted Treatment benefits a wide array of individuals. There are studies indicating that Equine Assisted Treatment has positive results for individuals experiencing:

-ADD/ ADHD or attention problems





-Chemical and alcohol abuse

-Low self esteem

-Relationship issues

What benefits result from Equine Assisted Treatment?

-Horse back riding and horse related activities is a fun, interactive form of recreation. Some of the other benefits of Equine Assisted Treatment are:

-gain self understanding

-personal growth and goal setting abilities

-understanding personal responsibility

-communication skills (verbal and non verbal)

-increase in self confidence and self esteem

-develop a sense of empathy and trust

-develop self control

-learn to be assertive individuals

The Therapeutic Skill Building Process

-There is a different process for every individual in this program as all persons are unique and hold different skills, abilities and goals

-The beginning of the process will involve a goal setting session where particular areas of difficulty are identified and potential goals are discussed

-Once goals are set, the individual will begin sessions taking part in equine related activities including bonding and gaining trust with the horse, caring for the horse and riding the horse.

-At the end of the sessions, goals will be evaluated to measure success and discuss ending the program or continuing on

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