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Our Services
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Equine Assisted Therapy:
After completing her BSW, Jessica wanted to combine her passion for helping people with her passion for horses. Growing up, horses helped Jessica overcome many obstacles in her life and she would like to provide this opportunity to others. Working with animals, especially horses, aids individuals in developing self esteem, confidence and aids in personal growth. Many individuals who have behavioral problems, body image issues or addictions often benefit from this goal oriented program. For more information on how horses can help you or someone you know please check out the link on the main page!

Riding Lessons:
Limited lessons are available, as we do not have a large amount of lesson horses and due to limited time, however we are willing to take on certain individuals who show an interest in potenially leasing a horse or showing.

Solo Creek Farm offers off site training for green horses, yearlings, problem horses or simply horses who need miles and experience. Prices range depending on the horse and the situation and amount of travel time needed.

One Month
Two months

Starting at $600
Starting at $1200