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Solo Creek Farm shows

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Hunter/Jumper Shows hosted by Solo Creek Farm

Solo Creek Farm

Hunter/Jumper Shows

Solo Creek Farm is proud to be hosting a series of hunter/jumper shows throughout 2010 and into 2011.

Dates: July 4th, August 1st

Location: MacMillan Show Center


Show Officials

Show President- Jessica McNutt

Announcer/ Ring Master- Ali Welburn

In Gate- Joan McNutt

Photographer- Jessica Martin

Ring Crew- Solo Creek Farm


Show Rules


  1. All hunter divisions have 2 over fence classes and an undersaddle.
  2. Ribbons for each class and prizes awarded for each division.
  3. Back to back rounds of three for hunter classes.
  4. Entry fee is $30 per division or $10 per class.
  5. Stabling available upon request.
  6. NSEF is required for all competitors.
  7. Approved helmets and boots with a heel must be worn while mounted.
  8. Refunds only available with a vet certificate.
  9. No abuse or foul language will be tolerated.




Class List


1.             Crossrail Hunter Division

2.             Crossrail Jumper

3.             18” Hunter Division

4.             2’ Hunter Division

5.             2’ Jumper

6.             2’3 Hunter Division

7.             2’6 Hunter Division

8.             2’6 Jumper

9.             2’9 Hunter Division

10.          3’ Hunter Division

11.          3’ Jumper

12.          Hack Division (Pleasure, Road Hack and Hunter Under Saddle)

13.          Walk/Trot Division (Equitation, Pleasure and Pet Pony)

14.          Lead Line





Schedule: Start Time 8:30 am


Crossrail #1


Crossrail #2


Crossrail U/S

Outdoor ring

Crossrail Jumper


18” #1


18” #2


18” U/S

Outdoor ring

2’ #1


2’ #2


2’ U/S

Outdoor ring

2’ Jumper


2’3 #1


2’3 #2


2’3 U/S

Outdoor ring

2’6 #1


2’6 #2


2’6 U/s

Outdoor ring

2’6 Jumper


2’9 #1


2’9 #2


2’9 U/S

Outdoor ring

3’ #1


3’ #2


3’ U/S

Outdoor ring

3’ Jumper


Open Pleasure

Outdoor ring

Open Road Hack

Outdoor ring

Open HUS

Outdoor ring

W/T Equitation

Outdoor ring

W/T Pleasure

Outdoor ring

W/T Pet Pony

Outdoor ring

Lead Line

Outdoor ring



Solo Creek Farm

Hunter/Jumper Shows


Entry Form


Riders Name____________________           Phone #____________________

Horses Name____________________           NSEF #____________________



Make cheques payable to Jessica McNutt

Class/ Division #

Class/Division Name

Entry Fee



















EXHIBITOR’S DECLARATION: I agree not to hold Solo Creek Farm or their officials responsible for any loss or damage sustained or caused by me or my animals while attending the show. It is hereby recognized that all equestrian sports involve inherent risk and that no helmet or protective equipment can protect against all foreseeable injury. I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless Solo Creek Farm, the competition, their officials, organizers, agents, employees and their representatives.


Signature:_______________________                                                                                                                                                               Date:___________________________


Total Entry Fees:


Box Stall ($20 per day/night):


Administration Fee:


Late Fee ($20 per entry after closing date)






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